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Fix it yourself - Problem and Solutions for Common Household Problems

Ants -
Infestation of ants is usually a resident's responsibility to remedy. Keep all areas especially countertops and food storage areas clean and dry. Install ant traps where ants are present. If the problem persists please contact us.

Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes As Well As It Should -
Dishwashers are mechanical cleaning instruments not garbage disposals so make sure you scrub off sticky and hard to clean foods (such as dried pasta sauce) off dishes before loading.

It is also possible hot water is not getting to the dishwasher quick enough. Try running hot water from your kitchen tap until hot, then turn on dishwasher, to ensure hot water enters wash cycle right away. It should help. If this doesn't work or your problem persists, contact us, we are happy to help.

Drain Is Clogged -
The number one cause of clogged drains is hair. Hair and other debris can often be removed from the drain stopper. The drain stopper can easily be removed and replaced. Use a plunger to un-clog drain. Do not use liquid drain cleaners.

Dryer Not Working or Dryer Not Drying Clothes Fast Enough -
Make sure the lint trap is clean and clean lint from trap after each use.

Electrical Outlet Is Not Working -
Locate your breaker box and determined if it "tripped." Before tripping the switch, though, make sure you are not overloading by running to many appliances at once. If the non working outlet is located in the kitchen or bath check the GFCI reset switch.

Garbage Disposal Not Working -
Turn off the switch to the disposal unit (terminate electric to disposal unit). At the bottom of the unit there is a reset button to the disposal. Use an Allen wrench to turn manually.

Gas Smell or Gas Leak -
Find gas shut off valve and turn it off immediately. Call Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and ask for immediate assistance. If you smell natural gas, see downed power lines, or suspect another emergency situation, leave the area immediately and then call 9-1-1 and PG&E at 1-800-743-5000. Then contact Stephens Property Management and report your findings or request additional assistancy at telephone number 925-407-8021.

Gas Smell or Leak in Kitchen -
Check to determine if  your stove pilot light is on. If not be sure appliance is turned off. Open windows and let fresh air in. You can re-lite the pilot light yourself.

Heater Not Functioning Properly or Heater Not Working -
First check the reset button if there is one. Then, check the battery in the thermostat and replace if necessary. It that does not work check the pilot light to your water heater. If it is not lit you can lite it yourself or call Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E). PG&E will not charge you to come and lite your pilot lite - they do this for free.

Keys Lost -
Key replacement is possible during normal business hours at the management office. If keys are lost after normal business hours you can contact the resident manager, or contact-call and pay a locksmith.

Key Jams or Key Is "Hard To Turn" -
Over time gook and grime can build up on keys and thus end up inside door lock mechanisms. Try spraying end of key with WD-40 or apply very small amount of All-In-1 Household Oil then wipe gently with cloth until clean and "slippery."

Light Not Working -
If light fixture is not working replace the lightbulb. You can also check to see if the breaker box is tripped. Reset breaker box. If this does not work please visit our maintenance request form page and fill out information requested.

Refrigerator Is Not Cool -
Check the control settings. Make sure the freezer is not "frosted over." If so, empty entire contents of refrigerator, defrost, then reload. Overloading freezer can sometimes lower temperature inside the "fridge."

Smoke Detector Is Beeping -
Run for your life or replace battery. You either have a fire or your battery needs replacing. Install a new battery.

Toilet Is Backed Up -
Use conventional plunger and unclog toilet. Use only organic products in toilet.

"Toilet Is Running" -
Try jingling the handle mechanism. If this does not work open tank lid and make sure flapper at bottom of tank is closed. Check to make sure chain is properly attached. Adjust to close.

Water Pressure Is Too Low -
Low water pressure to your kitchen faucet or shower head may be caused by partical build-up around the aerator (tip of faucet where water comes out). Clean thoroughly or replace.
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